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Your Health: Best Practices and Guidelines

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A thoughtful New York Times update on the risks of surface transmission. [5.28.20]

A Big-tech assist: Apple and Google have released the first version of their exposure notification API, which they previously called the contact tracing API. More from TechCrunch. [4.29.20]

Shopping tips: NPR reports you don’t need to wash your frozen pizza but has some tips for staying safe at the store. [4.12.20]
If you really want to dive into the absurdity of it all Dr. VanWingen has produced this video on wiping everything down. Keep your eye on that tomato at 12:45. [4.1.20]

Gear up: Protect yourself and others. Purchase a Hedley & Bennet mask and they’ll donate one to someone in need. [3.29.20]

Crunch some numbers (since you can’t go to the gym): At Tomas Pueyo has a trio of TLDR articles that you should read. Look at some graphs, break it down, stay home.
Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now by Tomas Pueyo [3.10.20]
Coronavirus: The Hammer and the Dance by Tomas Pueyo [3.19.20]
Coronavirus: Out of Many, One by Tomas Pueyo [4.1.20]

DC Locals: Check here for Covid-19 data by Ward/Age/Gender/Race, updated daily.